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Choosing the Right Paint Sheen

Painting your home is one of the easiest ways to update and beautify its look. However, it isn’t until you step into the paint or hardware store that you realize just how many choices you have. It’s not just the colour–it’s also the paint sheen. Between flat or satin finish, eggshell or gloss, and everything

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Top Ten Household Cleaning Tips from Paul Davis

The bottom line is that, eventually, a dirty home gets to be too much and we have to clean it. Whether it’s as simple as putting away toys or as ambitious as scrubbing out all the scum that has built up in your bathtub, one thing is for sure–cleaning is a chore. That being said,

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It Makes Sense to Use Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Products

Being environmentally sensitive is a big part of the Paul Davis commitment to our residential and business customers as well as our valued industry partners. So you’ll see Benefect Botanical Disinfectants & Cleaners brand cleaning products being used frequently to provide outstanding cleaning performance. Equally important, Paul Davis companies communicate to our residential and commercial clients

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Pros and Cons of Insuring High-Value Items

Birthday and anniversary gifts, gifts through inheritance, and special purchases you may have made during travel or to celebrate some good fortune add up over the years. Before you realize it you may have a considerable amount of high-value items in your home that may not be covered by standard homeowner’s insurance. Some homeowner’s policies

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Thermal Imaging Saves Time and Money

Many innovative technologies developed for security, military and space exploration applications later find their way into industry applications that benefit us every day. That is certainly the case with thermal imaging. Breakthroughs in the late 1990s enabled manufacturers of thermal imaging cameras to marry an uncooled detector to earlier TI cameras, so that lower costs

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