Identifying Signs of Indoor Mould Infestation

You’ve probably seen mould growing in your home. Mould and mildew build up on your shower curtain or food left sitting in your fridge too long. But what about mould infestations—how do you know if you’re suffering from one of those? While some moulds can be spotted in dark, damp spaces in our[...]

How Smoke Permeates a Home

There’s no question that fires are deadly. Seldom does a day pass without our hearing the urgent sound of fire sirens. And although we all fear fire’s flames, smoke from a fire is also a deadly hazard—and it’s one many people don’t talk about. In addition to causing respiratory distress[...]

Why Small Business Owners Need to Think About Safety

Are you a small business owner with too much to do every day? Operating your business, directing employees, dealing with suppliers … and more … is anything but small. It’s a big job. Yet an important issue many small businesses overlook is workplace safety. A workplace safety program is[...]

Avoiding Stovetop Fires

The possibility of any house fire is frightening, and kitchen fires rank among the most likely occurrences. According to the National Fire Protection Association NFPA, cooking causes 43% of reported home fires, and most of these fires start around the kitchen stovetop. While fire safety has come a[...]

Common Indoor Moulds In Canada

Mould! The word itself strikes fear in the hearts of residential and commercial property owners. Mould infestation can be nasty and often expensive to eradicate completely, especially when left untreated too long. But knowing the different types of mould that are common in Canada may help ease your[...]

How Moulds Hide and Thrive if Water is Not Removed Properly

There are many ways your home or business can be affected by water damage. From leaky appliances to flooding, structures are vulnerable. Of course, there’s one potential problem associated with water damage that very few people talk about: mould. But when water and moisture are present, mould can[...]

Paul Davis Companies Excel in Cleaning Fire-Affected Contents

Thanks to ever more rapid first responder times to a fire scene, home and business fires in many communities are less likely today to result in complete losses than in years past. Better equipment and better training also diminish damage caused by many fires. According to experts at Paul Davis[...]

When Fires Occur, Paul Davis is Always On Call 24/7

Emergencies caused by fires have a way of happening at the oddest times. For fires, it’s not surprising that fall and winter months see the most occurrences, with December and January being the peak months. What is surprising is that home fires tend to occur on the weekend, and between the hours[...]