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Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

As we enter 2022, Paul Davis team members have new energy for volunteering and helping people in need and charitable organizations in our communities. We are proud to offer time, expertise, space, equipment and enthusiasm wherever we can. Here’s where we pitched in recently: Collecting Canned Food[...]

Be Aware and Protect Against Furnace Puff-backs This Winter

Few property owners think about furnaces frequently, particularly if that furnace keeps the place warm. We ignore them for lots of reasons: they’re tucked in the basement, their operations are automated, we lack the mechanical skills to tinker with today’s modern units and experts clean them[...]

Join Paul Davis: Become a Difference Maker

Paul Davis, a leading disaster restoration company that spans North America, is staffed by dedicated professionals who make life-changing differences for people they help. These differences aren’t confined to work hours or limited by contracts. They aren’t codified in a manual or completed[...]

Never Take Chances When You See Water Spots in Your Home

When water leaks in a home, its behaviour can be hard to predict. “Roof leaks, for example, are notoriously tricky to trace back to their source,” says Andrew Golkin, President, Paul Davis of Suburban Virginia. “The water could be entering at the northwest corner of the second floor while the[...]

COVID Update: Commercial Property Safety and Recommended Procedures

The COVID-19 pandemic keeps us guessing, from lockdown reprises and masking policy changes to updated vaccination protocols and new virus variants. It’s difficult to fight an enemy that measures an infinitesimal 120 nanometers across (whereas a human hair measures a gargantuan 75,000 nanometers).[...]