Month: January 2022

Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

As 2022 continues, Paul Davis team members proudly offer time, expertise, space, equipment and enthusiasm throughout our home communities. Here’s where we pitched in recently: Coats for Kids: Paul Davis of Portland/Vancouver Washington collaborated with the Portland Fire and Rescue to collect winter jackets for kids in need through their… Read more »

Get Smart About Pipe Burst Protection

When the temperature outside plummets, our homes shield us from the elements. Many essential house components endure plunging thermometers without blinking and without much help from us, save for routine maintenance: roofs, siding, doors. But savvy homeowners realize that some systems demand assistance on very cold days: water supply pipes… Read more »

What To Do When Fireplace Smoke Invades

Chimneys look so simple – a vertical conduit that funnels smoke and heat from your fireplace to the outdoors – but they require precision to function properly. Chimneys must be carefully designed, skillfully installed and regularly maintained to do what seems like an easy task. Most quietly work well. But… Read more »

The Challenges of Commercial Property Loss Claims

As commercial property owners and managers, we don’t often reflect on our property insurance policies. We tuck them away in computers or paper files to revisit when the bill comes due or disaster strikes. Upkeep, tenant issues, sales, regulatory paperwork – everyday matters easily take precedence over coverage contemplation.  It’s… Read more »