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Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

As the weather begins to warm, Paul Davis team members are proudly offering time, expertise, space, equipment and enthusiasm throughout our home communities. Here’s where we pitched in recently: Raising funds for defibrillators: Paul Davis of Idaho sponsored a banquet and auction that raised[...]

Telltale Signs That Your Home Wiring Could Be Getting Fire Prone

Marcy wasn’t at the grocery store for long but when she arrived home, she detected the smell of burning right away. “I went through the house trying to figure out where it was coming from,” she says. “In a dark bedroom, a pink light glowed in the corner and when I got closer, I could[...]

I Joined Paul Davis to be a Difference Maker

Paul Davis teams often encounter situations that move our people emotionally to do more and give freely beyond task logistics and required paperwork. One particular project in Talladega, Alabama, tugged at our team’s heartstrings.  “This house had been hit by a vehicle that caused[...]

Better Protect Your Business Property During Spring Storms

Spring, that most promising of seasons, is in truth a roaring battle between cold and warm air. The ground heats while chillier air rushes high aloft. Temperature instability shifts air masses quickly, blowing up perfect storm conditions. So, in supposedly balmy spring, violence often arrives[...]

Avoiding An Explosive Furnace Puff Back

Furnaces are mostly out of sight, out of mind. Tucked in the basement, their operations are automated. We lack mechanical skills to tinker with today’s modern units ourselves, so experts clean them annually without our assistance. If our furnace keeps the place warm, we don’t pay much mind[...]