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Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

As spring blossoms, Paul Davis team members proudly donate time, expertise, space, equipment and enthusiasm throughout their home communities to better lives and improve surroundings. Here’s where we pitched in over the last several months: Bolstering Blood Supply: Paul Davis, Red Deer, Alberta,[...]

Paul Davis Golden Triangle, Mississippi, Displays Its Difference Maker™ Skills

It was 3 pm on a beautiful February afternoon a week after gentle snow had fallen in Starkville, Mississippi. Homeowner Jeanette Allen, enjoying the sun in her yard, didn’t know that her life was about to change. Stepping inside, she smelled something odd. Looking up, she watched the attic door[...]

Floods Can Take a Toll on Homes and Businesses in a Flash

Here’s all you need to know to fear flash floods: they are a top cause of weather-related deaths. They can surge so suddenly that it’s hard to believe your eyes. Many victims report depths that rise from floor-level to shoulders in a few minutes. They settle down for a television show in a snug,[...]

Smart Business Owners Stop Fires Before They Start

On an icy winter day in 1903, 1700 children, chaperones and teachers thronged Chicago’s Iroquois Theatre, eagerly awaiting a matinee musical comedy performance. During the show, a stage light ignited nearby drapery. The blaze spread quickly – exploding into a roaring inferno when actors opened a[...]

Throughout North America Kitchen Fires Occur Far Too Often

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the bustling heart of the house, providing delicious meals, warm family moments and camaraderie with friends. But it’s also the room most at risk for devastating fires that destroy property, inflict injuries and even kill in shockingly short periods of time.[...]