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Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

As summer heats up, Paul Davis team members are volunteering in their communities to improve lives for people who need an extra helping hand. Here’s where we contributed over the last several months: Aiding a Fallen Officer: Mike Shaw, a technician with Paul Davis of Portland/Vancouver,[...]

How Hard Water Damages Plumbing and Appliances

“Hard” water: what a strange way to describe that most flexible of substances. “That’s the common term for water that contains high levels of calcium and magnesium,” explains Mickey McHenry, Paul Davis of South Atlanta. “The mineral content makes it hard to lather soap and that’s[...]

Hard Work and Extra Hours Make Lead Technician Phil Andre a Paul Davis Difference Maker™

Phil Andre was a trucker before he joined Paul Davis five years ago. “To change from driving trucks to being a lead technician with Paul Davis, that’s a big switch, two different worlds,” Andre says. “But Paul Davis made it easy to join their team. They provided training, solid support, a[...]

Understanding Asbestos Dangers That May Still Be Lurking in Your Home or Commercial Property

Asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral that was light and fluffy, was alluring because it was so effortlessly multitalented. It resisted heat, electricity and corrosion. It transported easily, didn’t cost very much and was abundant. But its convenience masked a dark side: devastating human health[...]

Get Ahead of the 2022 Hurricane Season

Meteorological experts are sounding alarms about a very active 2022 hurricane forecast, the seventh consecutive year of higher-than-normal activity. They anticipate between 14 and 21 named storms, three to six of which will morph into major hurricanes. The intensity is fueled by several climate[...]