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Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

As summer continues, Paul Davis team members are volunteering in their communities to improve lives for people who need an extra helping hand. Here’s where we contributed over the last several months: Trucking in Funds for Crime Prevention: Paul Davis Red Deer, Alberta, recently volunteered to[...]

Is That Wonderful Old Tree in Your Yard in Danger of Falling?

The Smiths were shocked by the pricey estimate that the tree service quoted to remove a dead pine tree on their property. The landscaper felt he could do it for less. Indeed, he felled the tree, a brittle victim of pine beetles. He landed it squarely atop the house and inflicted $60,000 in damages.[...]

Tasia de Leon is a Paul Davis Difference Maker

Paul Davis Difference Maker Tasia de Leon is a water mitigation manager for Paul Davis of Northeast Indiana, leading teams in ongoing flood restoration projects. Her management position at Paul Davis bestows far more than satisfaction from completing flood mitigation tasks. She reconnects daily to a[...]

Learn How to Identify Structural Problems on your Residential or Commercial Property

John was climbing the stairs in his three-story apartment building when something new caught his eye: a long, spidery crack in the wall. Was this a problem, he wondered? To be safe, he reported it to the property manager. Inspectors found major termite damage to a supporting roof beam that had[...]

9 Important Steps to Take If Water Invades Your Home

Did you know that masons soak bricks in water before building a wall? The reason is interesting: dry bricks suck water from the wet mortar, weakening adhesion and reducing mortar strength and cohesiveness. Soaking also helps prevent salts from leaching out and defacing the finished wall’s[...]