4 Common Mould Myths, Dispelled

Much of what we know about mould comes directly from the Internet. Sometimes, separating fact from myth can be difficult. For health and safety reasons, it’s crucial for you and your family to know the difference. Toxigenic moulds, like Stachybotrys chartarum, have been known to cause neurologic, pulmonary, immunologic, and oncologic disorders when exposed to repeatedly over time.

To ensure your health and safety, here are a few common mould myths you should be aware of:

1.Mould Only Grows in Dirty Houses
There is no need to feel embarrassed about a mould problem in your home. The common misconception that mould only grows in dirty areas has been propagated time and time again by popular culture. It’s true that mould thrives in damp, dark, and warm environments, however, these can exist anywhere—even in squeaky-clean homes. All it takes is a little moisture, and a single, tiny spore of mould.

2.Mould Removal Is Time-Consuming and Disruptive
Fortunately, this isn’t true. At Paul Davis, our mould removal specialists follow a strict, thorough, and efficient mould inspection and removal process to ensure not a single spore is left behind. We know how busy life can get, which is why our services are as non-intrusive as possible. Mould can grow in tough-to-reach places, like behind wallpaper, under carpets, and deep inside walls. With modern technology, like thermal imaging cameras, poking holes in walls and ripping up carpeting is a thing of the past.

3.Bleach Kills Mould Spores
For those attempting a DIY mould removal, this is a common—and dangerous—misconception. Just because bleach is used to kill harmful bacteria in the bathroom does not mean it is strong enough to dissolve mould. Household cleaning products are only a Band-Aid solution to the problem. Not all mould spores are visible, which makes it difficult to tell whether you’ve fully removed the infestation. To ensure all mould is safely removed, get in touch with a mould remediation specialist.

4.Mould Removal Will Make My House Smell Bad
Mould can carry a potent smell, and many people believe that removing the mould will unleash this foul odour. Thankfully, the opposite is true. With isolated work areas sectioned off by protective plastic sheeting, and negative air machines to remove any toxic mould particles, you can rest assured mould remediation specialists will leave your home smelling better than it did before.

In small doses, mould may seem harmless. When left unchecked, however, it can grow into a big and expensive problem, and pose a serious health risk. At Paul Davis, we understand how disruptive mould can be. Trust our mould removal experts to deal with the issue efficiently, without interrupting your day-to-day life. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.