A Good Time to Think About Being Prepared for Emergencies

Severe late summer weather can sneak up on us in Canada. And approaching winter storms aren’t that far away either. September is an excellent time to prepare for the unexpected and to encourage others to assemble an emergency kit for their safety in an emergency. Different areas, of course, can experience different types of emergencies, so it’s important to prepare an emergency kit with supplies that may be of need. An emergency kit should be assembled well in advance of an emergency and stored where it’s easily accessible.

First, the emergency kit should contain enough food and water to last the family at least 72 hours. Count on 4 litres per day per person for the emergency water supply. For an emergency food supply, consider the following recommendations:

  •     Choose foods the family likes to eat
  •     Remember special dietary needs
  •     Avoid foods that will encourage thirstiness —  like salty snacks

Also, keep in mind that foods should be easy to open. Cans with pop tops are perfect for emergency supply kits. If pop tops aren’t available, packing a manual can opener is a must. Utensils and clean-up supplies will also be needed.

Other musts for emergency kits are proper first aid and comfort items. The following items may prove helpful:

  •     First aid kit
  •     Flashlight with extra batteries
  •     Dust mask or cotton clothing for the nose and mouth
  •     Comfortable walking shoes
  •     A whistle, bell or air horn to signal the location
  •     Extra clothing
  •     Necessary baby supplies
  •     Personal hygiene items
  •     A battery-operated radio
  •     Copies of important documents such as identification records

No one wants to get caught in an emergency situation, so it’s far better to be prepared in advance than be forced to react. Encourage others to put together emergency kits for both home and work. Life-threatening occurrences can take place anytime, anywhere. Learn more and download an emergency plan outline here and you can also receive safety alerts from the Canadian Weather Information and receive safety reminders by downloading the Red Cross Be Ready App on your smartphone.