Active Claim Management – A Benefit that Paul Davis Delivers

Technology is radically transforming businesses everywhere and it’s no surprise that insurance companies are in the thick of this radical evolution. One of the most effective uses they have found for technology is to consolidate and standardize the management and oversight of the claims process. Paul Davis is innovating right alongside them, supporting this important effort with its Active Claims Management (ACM) Program.

“Our carrier partners are streamlining claims processes through ‘managed repair programs,’” says Brad Cowan, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Paul Davis, “that use one system to coordinate work for all claims across Canada. In the past, local adjusters worked with local providers, and each claim proceeded individually with different partners, schedules, activities, data points and so on. Managed repair programs consolidate tasks into one system, which reduces variability, speeds repair, lowers costs, reduce errors, leverages economies of scale – a whole host of benefits.”

With ACM, Paul Davis serves managed repair programs by becoming the eyes and ears of their partner insurance companies. They interface with the insured, enter policy holders’ homes, take pictures, record and transmit data, help write estimates, create schedules and plan restoration work across the network of partners.

With its company-wide initiative, Paul Davis delivers a powerful message to carriers: Paul Davis is the ideal partner for managed repair programs. Beyond performing individual tasks, ACM offers overarching benefits to insurance companies:

  • With its core values and advanced tools, Paul Davis delivers exceptional customer experiences and service, helping carriers compete effectively in the marketplace.
  • Paul Davis is full service, handling losses from first notice of loss through emergency services and reconstruction. Continuity and broad capabilities boost customer satisfaction.
  • With numerous offices across Canada, carriers can be sure there is a nearby Paul Davis location ready to serve policy holders around the clock every day of the year.
  • The ACM team at Paul Davis brings a high level of insurance expertise and experience to every partnership. Team members have over 100 collective years of experience at every level of the insurance industry.
  • ACM assistance is seamless because Paul Davis uses the same technology platforms – such as Nextgear and Xactware – that carriers do. The team communicates easily with agents and adjusters, digitally sharing the many data points that each claim accumulates as it undergoes the claims process.

ACM is the perfect fit for insurance companies as they leverage the digital revolution. Contact Paul Davis today for more information about becoming a partner. This Is No Time For Second Best®.