Home and business owners who suffer a property loss involving fire, water, or flood damage often find their distress magnified when filthy water, mud, dirt and soot have penetrated their ‘soft goods.’ Cleaning and restoring upholstered furniture, carpets, personal clothing, athletic wear, and especially shoes, keepsake wedding dresses, and other soft contents and textiles affected during even small property damage incidents is heartbreaking at the very least and a costly element of many claims. How costly? An average 140-square-metre home with four residents contains 600 textile articles that can easily add up to a $25,000 price tag. Where cleaning is even possible, the only satisfactory professional restoration process has been dry cleaning. But dry cleaning is not always satisfactory in performance, not at all an environmentally friendly process, and always an expensive undertaking. Today, however, a preferred Paul Davis alternative is to utilize advanced washing systems with their effective, environmentally friendly detergents. Advanced washing systems can clean and restore items to like-new condition and at less cost than dry cleaning — all with beautiful results. That’s good news, because many normal everyday household items don’t take well to dry cleaning. And expensive draperies or delicate, cherished heirloom items that in the past would be judged non-restorable can, in fact, come completely clean with the advanced washing systems that Paul Davis companies today are able to use. Their effectiveness is proven.

Paul Davis offices strategically located throughout North America form a network of Central Processing Centers that are fully capable of handling any soft contents cleaning needs. Specialized Paul Davis textile cleaning staff professionals are trained and experienced in handling the most challenging tasks. Results are often astonishing. When faced with textile and soft goods cleaning needs, call on your local Paul Davis company for these straightforward solutions that advanced washing systems now make routine.