Most of us aren’t fully ready for autumn or the typically colder months that follow, but the time to prepare is now! Sealing driveways, cleaning gutters and inspecting windows, doors and the roof are excellent pre-winter chores. Be sure to not overlook an early season furnace inspection, as well. Most homeowners don’t even think about the furnace–unless it’s not working. That’s why, this year, we encourage you to take some time to inspect your furnace prior to the weather growing colder. You’ll certainly have an easier time securing an appointment with a professional if you find something wrong, plus you’ll have peace of mind when that first cold evening makes an appearance.

Before performing any maintenance on your furnace, be sure the power to it has been turned off. The first thing to do after that is to check (and usually change) your furnace filter. Furnace filters should be replaced or cleaned about every three months or, at the very least, every six. This will help to trap dirt, dust, and grime that would otherwise block airflow. It can also help prevent furnace fires.

Another important element of a fall furnace inspection is the motor. If you’re not comfortable checking the motor yourself, it’s perfectly fine to hire a professional. Note that most motors are permanently lubricated and sealed by the manufacturer, which means that no real work is required on your part. However, if this is not the case and if you are comfortable checking the motor, inspect it for proper lubrication. A furnace motor should be well lubricated in order to run properly. Lubricating the motor annually is usually adequate to keep it in tip-top shape.

Next, take note of the belt around the blower. Belts in your furnace, just as in your car, help to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If a belt appears frayed, cracked, or just old, be sure to replace it with a belt that is the same size and width. If you’re unsure of how to do this, hire a professional to help you.

There’s no doubt about it: a furnace ensures home comfort and warmth during fall and winter months. That is why it is smart to properly inspect your furnace in early autumn to be certain it is ready for the colder weather ahead. If you’re not comfortable doing this task yourself, the earlier in the season you reach out to a heating and air service provider, the more likely you are to get a convenient appointment before the weather turns cold.