Apply Some Magic

Belongings and furnishings may be wet and soggy or dirty and scorched after a fire or other disaster, but that doesn’t always mean they’re destroyed. Home and business owners who experience fire and water damage often assume that clothing and furniture, electronics and important documents are a complete loss. Paul Davis restoration technicians know otherwise. Their behind-the-scenes restoration services and skilled content cleaning can perform amazing good-as-new feats. From artwork to appliances. Books to boots. Draperies to documents, and more. Before reaching a conclusion that all is lost, see how Paul Davis specialists can help. Here’s how. Materials restoration service teams first identify items that can be restored and cleaned, then carefully pack textiles, fabrics, household goods and business possessions before safely removing them from the loss site and transporting them to a central contents processing center.  Advanced contents cleaning technologies including industrial grade wash systems, ultrasonic cleaning equipment and freeze-drying systems make all the difference for customers of Paul Davis. Cleaned and restored items can be securely stored until the structural repairs to a home or business are complete.

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