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    19 09, 2018

    Practise these 7 kitchen safety tips

    It’s the heart of the home. It’s the gathering point to cook, eat, drink, and more. It’s also a prime location for accidents. No matter how large or small your kitchen, there is always the possibility that an accident or fire can occur. Identifying possible outcomes is a strong starting point for addressing potential dangers. [...]

    12 09, 2018

    Understand the ways to prevent employee theft and fraud

    When it comes to theft, most business owners immediately think of their business being broken into and robbed, but the sad truth is employees are one of the biggest culprits of theft and fraud within a business. Just like you protect your business with locks, security cameras and lighting, you need to also take measures [...]

    7 09, 2018

    Evaluating Generators for Your Business

    You never realize how much you need something until it’s gone. That’s not us being sentimental. We’re in the business of helping out when disaster strikes—and often there’s little or no electricity in our workspaces. It’s bad enough being without power at home when you want to watch TV or walk around the house. But [...]

    29 08, 2018

    How Perimeter Lighting Lowers Workplace Crime

    Light has the ability to empower your workers to do their jobs efficiently and well, and makes sure that their efforts are seen and appreciated. But lighting has a very different impact on criminals in deterring workplace crime.   Regardless of what type of business you have, thieves, disgruntled employees, and others could see your [...]

    27 08, 2018

    Controlling Electrical Cord Overload in the Workplace

    Most people think of extension cords as basic workplace equipment that is not too complicated. Need to place a lamp or recharge your phone in a location that isn’t served by a nearby wall outlet? Grab any extension cord, plug it into the nearest wall socket and presto: you now have electricity exactly where you [...]