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    15 01, 2019

    Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Home

    Carbon monoxide is a deadly and silent killer that can strike you in your own home. Furthermore, the rate of these deaths increases during the cold winter months. With people dying each year due to this, it is paramount that you take steps to prevent this from happening to you.   Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning [...]

    8 01, 2019

    How High Humidity Breeds Mould

    As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, mould quickly starts growing with the introduction of moisture. When you think of this moisture, you probably think about water in your bathroom or water damage from your washer or refrigerator. Yes, this can be the moisture that starts mould growth in your home, but it isn’t the only [...]

    2 01, 2019

    Knowing the Facts About Indoor or Outdoor Mould

    Mould: the word strikes fear into the heart of every homeowner, but in reality none of us could live without it. These tiny fungi that grow by forming thread-like filaments are Earth’s most important recyclers. Most of the planet’s more than 200,000 species are benign or even beneficial to humans, yielding items we adore like [...]

    2 01, 2019

    What Retail Businesses Need to Do After a Fire

    Coffee makers, toaster ovens and microwaves are responsible for more than delicious beverages, quick snacks and hot meals. They’re frequently to blame when retail establishments catch fire. And they do erupt in flames with unsettling regularity. Emergency personnel respond to thousands of retail conflagrations yearly that together ring up millions in property losses. Appliances aren’t [...]

    2 01, 2019

    Important Tips to Protect Your Home During A Blizzard

    Weather has become ever more unpredictable and extreme, with unusual heat waves, heavier rainstorms and, of course, more intense and frequent blizzards. True blizzards meet certain criteria: six or more hours of winds above 40 km/hour, visibility reduced to one kilometer by blowing or drifting snow, and fierce wind chills. In our increasingly wacky weather [...]