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    5 02, 2019

    Water Damage Ranks First for Large Loss Mitigation Claims

    Catastrophic flooding dominated the news last year: beautiful neighbourhoods that transformed into lakes overnight, dotted with scattered roof tops and small boats that rescued distressed residents. Unfortunately, these heartbreaking scenes are becoming more common than ever. Statistics show that water and flooding cause more damage than any other type of property loss. The majority of [...]

    29 01, 2019

    Mitigating Toxic Mould Infestation – Vital Facts for Every Commercial Building Owner

    Commercial building owners have a lot to handle and triaging competing needs is difficult. An issue that always tops the lengthy list of priorities? An outbreak of toxic mould. More than unsightly, mould triggers a host of unpleasant problems. It harms building occupants’ health, rapidly degrades building materials, creates unsafe structural conditions, spreads rapidly and [...]

    29 01, 2019

    Reducing Breakfast Time Fires in Retirement Communities

    Cooking fires are a major problem in retirement communities and stovetop breakfast- time cooking can be especially problematic. Seniors are often not able to react as quickly as necessary to halt a cooking fire. This is a serious issue as seniors, for multiple reasons, are more apt to die in a fire. It’s worth examining [...]

    29 01, 2019

    Don’t Overlook Home Emergency Planning This Year

    A fire. A power outage. A flood. What will it be this year? You certainly can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it. If something happens to your home, are you and your family prepared? Let 2019 be the year you take home emergency planning seriously. To get started, follow these emergency tips [...]

    29 01, 2019

    Oily Paint Rags Create Significant Fire Hazards

    You’re building your home or remodeling and you can’t wait for work to finish so you can move in and enjoy it. One final job on most sites is painting. Painting can beautifully transform the look and feel of your home. But don’t let your paint job lead to something so much worse. Taking a [...]