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    13 11, 2018

    How Social Networks Improve Assessment After Natural Disasters

    For better or worse, the majority of us are glued to our phones. The apps and social networks on these become a daily component of our lives. It’s where we get our news. It’s how we share our favourite moments. It’s where we communicate with friends, family, and complete strangers. It can be used for [...]

    7 11, 2018

    7 Most Common Home Insurance Claims

    As a homeowner, you hope that nothing bad will ever happen to your home, but you do have homeowners insurance ready should damage occur. By understanding the types of claims that most insurance companies see, it’s possible to consider your own situation and determine the best plan to minimize your risk.   Wind and Hail [...]

    25 10, 2018

    Understanding Winter Storm Warnings, Watches and Advisories

    In February 2018, British Columbia’s South Coast confronted surprising amounts of snow, startling residents accustomed to the region’s calmer winter weather. Twenty centimetres of the fluffy white precipitation snarled traffic, closed schools and was followed quickly by another storm.   Winter weather can hit traditionally balmier Canadian locales, so it pays to understand warning types [...]

    25 10, 2018

    We Seldom Think About a Wildfire Until It Happens

    Given fuel, oxygen and a heat source, wildfires can rapidly grow into enormous, hungry beasts with terrifying power and seemingly vicious intent. Large wildfires concoct private weather systems, roaring with self-propelled winds of nearly 200 kilometres per hour that fan flames further. Their scorching temperatures preheat fuel in their paths, aiding their reach and spread. [...]

    25 10, 2018

    Fast and Furious Tornadoes – Best Steps Now and Then

    The month of September in Ontario and Quebec proved to be an unusually violent one: six tornadoes touched down, inflicting injuries, power outages and structural damage. Many believe that twisters are rare in Canada, but recent research suggests they’re more common than experts thought. The country experiences about 60 tornadoes yearly, most rampaging across the [...]