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    23 09, 2020

    Paul Davis Brings Order Following Commercial Fires

    As the fire department pulled hoses through the smoldering store, watering down hot areas and preparing to depart, the store owner looked on, devastated. She had arrived to see flames shooting from the roof, her carefully curated merchandise in ruins. Now, she felt traumatized, fearful and uncertain. What should she do next? Realizing that fires [...]

    23 09, 2020

    Paul Davis Responds Directly to Governmental Guidelines for COVID 19 Cleaning

    What exact disinfectant was used to treat that doorknob? Do those countertops need cleaning again? Are elevator buttons a potential infection route? How can my factory crew safely use locker rooms? Vexing questions abound during the COVID-19 pandemic and commercial property owners/operators are understandably confused. In a word, Paul Davis brings ‘clarity’. “We carefully follow all [...]

    23 09, 2020

    Paul Davis Community Service Continues Good Works

    Paul Davis continues to assist needy organizations and communities as North America moves forward under restrictions and pandemic conditions. We remain very committed to bettering the world we live in and are adapting our outreach activities to safeguard all participants. For many, needs have increased in severity and number. We are dedicated to sending people, [...]

    23 09, 2020

    Severe Thunderstorms in the US and Canada Account for 80% of Property-Casualty Losses

    Think of costly disasters and these leap to mind: tornados, hurricanes and wildfires. Surprisingly, these weather events cause far less property loss and damage than a much more commonplace event, one that can strike nearly anyone at any time during the warm months. Below we review the top causes of property loss based on 2019 [...]

    23 09, 2020

    After a Disaster Don’t Be Rushed into Hiring Mitigation Services

    Chaos and panic frequently set in as the floodwaters recede, the smoke clears or the wind subsides. Every property owner has the same urge: fix it right,  and right now. It’s a purely human response after a shocking disaster has upended lives and obliterated familiar surroundings.  “Right after a disaster, contractors - sometimes lacking appropriate [...]