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    25 11, 2021

    Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

    As we celebrate the holidays, Paul Davis team members are remembering, volunteering and lifting up those in need as well as the generous organizations that work so hard to better lives. Our team members are proud to offer time and expertise throughout the many communities we call home. Here’s where we warmed up the season [...]

    25 11, 2021

    Commercial Safety Starts With Sound Planning By Property Managers

    When flash floods and high winds ripped through the Pacific Northwest in November, the raging storm shuttered businesses, inundated homes and downed electrical lines. Massive mudslides blocked highways, launched emergency airlifts for stranded residents and chased people from devastated homes.  Some commercial properties, though, weathered the violence more smoothly than others. “Customers who planned properly [...]

    25 11, 2021

    The Importance of Measuring Wall Moisture After Water Damage Occurs

    Accidental spills in the home can happen for absent-minded reasons like forgetting the tub is running while you take an important call. Or neglecting to empty the dehumidifier. Or maybe you left a towel in the utility sink that the washing machine empties into. You may ruefully mop the floor, promise to pay better attention [...]

    25 11, 2021

    Chances Are Your Small Business Will Sustain One of 10 Costly Incidents

    What are the chances your small business will be free of insurance claims in the next decade? Surprisingly, not much better than a coin toss. “Four of 10 small businesses will file a property or liability claim in the next 10 years,” says Leslie Anderson, Paul Davis Vice President of Training. “If your business doesn’t [...]

    25 11, 2021

    Safety Tips to Escape a Home Fire

    A structural fire is one of the most frightening events a family can experience, ripping away irreplaceable belongings, changing futures and traumatizing everyone involved. “We put lives back together after fires,” says Darren Impson, President, Paul Davis of Tampa, FL. “Most often, we are mitigating and restoring property damage but sometimes our customers suffer the [...]