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Who’s Responsible for Water Damage: Tenants or Landlords?

Water damage is easily the most common, most insidious, and most expensive problem in rental properties. And due to the difficulty of preventing, detecting, and solving water problems, landlords and tenants are keen to avoid responsibility for the issue. Each side wants the burden of managing water damage to rest… Read more »

Protect against flood and water damage

How to Restore Your Home After Flood and Water Damage

Post-flood home restoration is critical for the safety and soundness in the months after an incident. Actions taken or not taken during the first few hours after an event will have far-reaching consequences. The wrong steps will continue to cost homeowners in the years to come, warns Real Canadian Property… Read more »

The Benefits of Commercial & Large Loss Services for Companies

The risk of disaster has never been greater due to changing environmental patterns, fires, floods, aging infrastructure, and more. For that reason, responsible firms are considering commercial and large loss services to make sure that they are covered in all situations. They are choosing the top players to help them… Read more »

kitchen and bathroom mould growth
mould spores

The Hazards of Mould Damage and Where to Find Them

Mould is a home and business owner’s worst nightmare. Mould is a type of fungus that grows both inside and out but causes most of its damage when it spreads indoors. Mould spores can be inhaled by humans and the smaller the spores, the farther they can travel down people’s… Read more »