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    8 12, 2017

    The Dangers of DIY Mould Removal

    A simple Google search for “DIY mould removal” will result in a flurry of advice columns, tips, and tricks on how to rid your home of mould. Although these instructions may look effective, mould removal projects without professional guidance can pose a serious health risk to you and your family. As mould remediation experts, we [...]

    6 11, 2017

    Effective Ways to Protect your Property from Storm Damage

    Storm damage is often unexpected, sudden, and troubling. One day, you might be enjoying a festive family gathering at your dining table, and the next, standing outside as hail the size of baseballs pelts through your roof. In the past, knowledge of an approaching storm could be surmised from the colour of the sky and [...]

    20 10, 2017

    Do’s and Don’ts for Flood and Water Damage

    Flooding happens every year. And while big floods can be a concern, even small floods can cause problems for businesses and homeowners alike. If your property has been affected by flood damage, it’s not always wise to do the cleanup yourself. However, if you do prefer to perform cleanup without help from a company like [...]

    13 10, 2017

    Is It Your Time for GFCI Electrical Outlets?

    We all use electrical outlets. In fact, most of our lives revolve around them—at home and at work. And while we don’t give much thought to how we use electrical outlets, it’s an important thing to consider. Especially if your outlets are not GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interruption) outlets. But what is a GFCI outlet? [...]

    6 10, 2017

    Hurricane Safety Checklist

    Our friends in the U.S. have seen some unusual hurricane weather this year. Because hurricanes can be life-threatening in North America, it’s always good to be prepared when you live near a coastline. Unfortunately, most people don’t get ready for a hurricane until the last minute. Often this is because they didn’t know they were [...]