Matt Phillips is a Paul Davis Difference  Maker.R You may remember him from our March newsletter. He and his colleague Lindsey Brown, team members with Paul Davis of Greater Birmingham, Alabama, donated extra help to a blind man with a home heavily damaged by a vehicle accident. 

“Someone running from the police hit this gentleman’s home with a car in the middle of the night,” Phillips says, describing the customer as an extremely likable person with an excellent sense of humour. “It would scare me to death to have that happen. I can’t imagine how it would have been for him.” 

Moved by the man’s unfortunate situation, Phillips and Brown volunteered many hours beyond the project’s official scope. They cleaned and straightened the man’s entire home. Phillips kept the customer’s 15-year-old dog for several months while repairs proceeded. The pair tracked down lodging, furniture, clothing, food and hot meals. Many other Paul Davis colleagues stepped in to donate necessary items and perishables to this fiercely independent man, who lived alone with very little assistance. 

Today, Phillips visits his now former customer every other week to see how he’s doing and ask if he needs anything. This isn’t unusual for Phillips: giving freely to people who need extra care. Being a Difference Maker with Paul Davis, it turns out, means being a Difference Maker in life. Or, is it that people who are Difference Makers in life thrive as Difference Makers at Paul Davis? Whatever the cause and effect, Phillips spoke recently about how a burning drive to help enriches and shapes his personal and professional life every day.

“My wife and I started doing foster care about 15 years ago,” Phillips says. “We’ve hosted 63 children since that time and four never left, so I have a total of six children ranging in age from 25 to three years old. Our Paul Davis office is like a family, too, from management all the way down. I know I can call them anytime for help and they know they can call me. We’ll be there for each other, no questions asked. I can count on people and they can count on me. Every day now, I wake up and I’m making things better.”

Psychology research clearly shows that helping others makes people feel good. Study after study demonstrates that altruism boosts personal well-being and lowers depression risks. It strengthens social bonds, which are a basic human need. It gives meaning, purpose and efficacy: three factors that psychologists consider absolutely critical to life satisfaction. Even spending money on other people makes us happier than spending money on ourselves.

For Phillips, Paul Davis brings it all together. “The atmosphere and the people are why I work here,” Phillips concludes. “I hope to be here for a good long while.” 
Are you a Difference Maker with a strong drive to help other people on the job and in your daily life? We invite you to grow with our company. Contact us today to learn more about how a career with Paul Davis can fulfill your professional and personal goals while making the world a better place.