Paul Davis Difference Maker James Ouellet is a reconstruction project manager for Paul Davis of Boston South, Massachusetts. With the company for three years now, Ouellet joined after spending decades in the general contracting industry, where he was following the traditional pursuits of two family generations before him. After leaving general contracting, he searched for a work home. He found what he was looking for here.

Ouellet, fulfilled by his growing leadership position at Paul Davis, has created a truly meaningful and impactful life for himself, colleagues, customers and family. We interviewed him recently about being a Difference Maker.

PD: What do you like best about being a Difference Maker?

JO: I particularly enjoy mentoring. I’ve been in the workforce for a long time so it’s rewarding to pass on what I’ve learned and help other people succeed. It’s exciting for me to help wherever I can. I also have made great friends on my teams. Building friendships is a wonderful side benefit of the right job and a company that hires good people. 

PD: Can you describe a memorable difference you made in a customer’s life?

JO: Our team worked recently with an 84-year-old woman displaced by a home fire. The blaze started when a match ember fell on flammable materials in the woman’s bathroom. Unaware of the danger, she went to bed and woke to a fire. 

As we made repairs, I brought her coffee and sat with her every day, updating her on progress. She was so excited to be home when the project concluded. Paul Davis not only allows us this time with clients but encourages it. They know these visits make customers feel completely cared for during a terrible time in their lives. 

PD: Why do you consider Paul Davis to be your “work home”?

JO: Paul Davis has a very healthy, supportive environment and culture. It brings individuals – who all contribute different but valuable abilities and strengths – together to do a job that helps others and needs doing. We feel good about our work, the way we get things done and the people we work with. That environment is very important to me.

PD: Has Paul Davis made a difference in your life beyond work hours?

JO: I’m an artist with a studio on my property, so I am busy creating art during my off hours. I also love to travel with my wife. We’ve traveled to Italy, Spain, France and locations across the Mediterranean. It’s important to recharge by taking time away from work and Paul Davis encourages its employees to do that. When you love what you do across all parts of your life, you live life at a higher level.
Are you a Difference Maker with a strong drive to help other people on the job and in your daily life? We invite you to grow with our company. Contact us today to learn more about how a career with Paul Davis can fulfill your professional and personal goals while making the world a better place.