Better Protect Your Business Property During Spring Storms

Spring, that most promising of seasons, is in truth a roaring battle between cold and warm air. The ground heats while chillier air rushes high aloft. Temperature instability shifts air masses quickly, blowing up perfect storm conditions. So, in supposedly balmy spring, violence often arrives instead with blinding snowstorms, extreme thermometer swings, furious winds, tornado outbreaks and torrential rains.

Now is the time to protect your business property against meteorological mayhem by taking proactive storm-proofing measures including:

  • Reinforcing building envelopes: repairing roofs, anchoring eavestrough, strengthening doors and windows.
  • Evaluating landscaping: ensuring adequate drainage, clearing debris, trimming trees. 
  • Protecting critical equipment and systems: relocating equipment and systems to safe and protected locations, backing up data, reallocating critical inventory and equipment.
  • Completing key business preparations: prepare employees for remote work, ensure your chain of command is in place, review insurance policies (including business interruption coverage) and test emergency phone trees. 
  • Inspecting critical back-up supplies: ensuring adequate inventory in case supply chains are delayed, ensuring on-site supplies for employees and systems are stocked. 
  • Conducting disaster response drills: testing to ensure that emergency plans function properly and staff know what to do.

Savvy business owners also contact Paul Davis for a customized Emergency Preparedness Plan, or EPP. “EPPs contain information specific to your property and operations, such as emergency contacts, preferred trade and supplier partners, mechanical room information, shutoff switch locations and a variety of myriad details businesses need in an emergency,” explains Edison Recinos, President, Paul Davis of The Gables, Florida. “We will create an EPP for your company for free. I tell my customers that there is no good reason not to have one.” 

EPPs also include special instructions pre-loss, Recinos adds, such as areas of your property that should be prioritized, preferred response parking areas and preferred access to the property and its structures. Paul Davis provides participating companies with plans - by link or as printed copies - and communicates your plan to main points of contact if an emergency occurs.

Finally, companies are selecting disaster recovery partners long before spring storms strike. “Interview and select a disaster mitigation and recovery partner now if possible, and certainly well before spring storms are forecast,” Recinos says. “Knowing who to call if the roof ends up in the parking lot or the manufacturing floor floods means your business gets help and recovers faster.”
Because unpredictable spring storms can inflict damage ranging from a downed limb to a completely destroyed structure, Paul Davis is staffed with ‘Difference Makers’, always ready to help businesses recover. When it comes to this volatile season, This Is No Time For Second Best®