May 22, 2015

Paul Davis Brantford does great work in their community. On May 22, Peter Overgaauw and his team participated in Brantford’s Day of Caring. Here is what Pete had to say about the experience.

Paul Davis Brantford, in partnership with Brant Mutual Insurance, built and provided Brantwood Community Services with two wheelchair accessible gardens.

“Brantwood Community Services has an agricultural program, where the participants start the vegetable plants from seed. When they are large enough, they transplant them into the accessible gardens and care for them as they grow. When vegetables are ready for harvest, they pick their crop and use them to make preserves for sale. The monies earned from the sale of preserves are then donated to other needy charities. Like Paul Davis and Brant Mutual they are giving back to their community.

“We are very proud to have had the opportunity to work with Brant Mutual and Brantwood Community Services on this project and we wish them good growing weather and a bountiful harvest for their efforts!”

-Peter Overgaauw