How to Burglar-Proof a Business

Burglars and business don’t mix well. Business owners and managers have enough to worry about. Burglar-proofing their business shouldn’t be a priority, but it is. And once robbed doesn’t preclude a second or even third break-in by the same bad guy(s). Once familiar with your business layout and contents, thieves figure out how to beat whatever you’ve done (usually little) to deter them and they know you’ve replaced the items they stole and likely fenced, so why not conduct their repeat, profitable performance.  Only one in six burglaries results in an arrest, so statistics prove many thieves are roaming the streets looking for their next victim. Facing the facts, especially for small businesses, is ‘street-wise.’ Check your business premises and see if you’re already following these anti-theft procedures.


Lock Down Securely

Using pin-cylinder locks gives great protection since these are difficult to pick. The deadbolt-type lock is your best lock defense, either with a key or a knob to set it. Thieves are frustrated with double-cylinder deadlocks that must be opened by a key from either side, since getting out of the building is just as difficult as getting in.

Good Key Sense

Some or maybe all of your employees need keys. But have a list, plus code the keys so only employees know which locks they open. Having different keys for exterior entrances and interior rooms so one key doesn’t fit all locks is a deterrent, as well.

Alarms, Noisy or Silent

Silent alarms to notify a central station are recognized as the best protection and the best way to catch thieves. Silent sensing devices also offer good protection. But even cheaper building-siren alarms do reduce the time to steal since most burglars will quickly grab and run, cutting down on losses.


Light Up the Night

Bright lighting inside and outside is usually inexpensive and often effective. Flood doors and windows with light, either motion-sensitive or constantly on. Have every entrance point, including small windows and large vents, flooded with light to discourage even highly motivated burglars. Mercury and metallic vapour lamps serve well since they are almost unbreakable.

Your local Paul Davis business has experience repairing post-break-in damage and can be a good local source for ideas to help burglar-proof your business.