Beware: First On-Site After a Fire May Not Be the Best Choice

As the smoke clears after a property fire, owners wrestle with strong emotions: shock, confusion,  anxiety, uncertainty, sadness. One emotion often wins: an overwhelming urge to do something now. That’s exactly what unscrupulous contractors bank on when they call you or tap your shoulder as the[...]

Everyone Benefits by Better Understanding the Restoration Loss Process

Sooner or later, every property owner experiences the unexpected; a devastating fire, a deluge from broken pipes, a pervasive mould infestation from a stealthy but widespread roof leak. Shock is soon followed by planning how best to stop the damage, finding skilled help and returning to normal. But[...]

Understanding Why Employees Find Work at Paul Davis Restoration Exceptionally Rewarding

Cleaning a blackened home after a fire, properly restoring flooded properties, rebuilding a roof after a devastating storm, volunteering for local charities – Paul Davis employees come together to form a strong and united force helping people in their times of greatest need. It’s a shared[...]

Paul Davis Northwest New Brunswick is Open and Operating

New Owner Sylvie Levesque is a pioneering businesswoman as the first and only woman to be the sole owner of a Paul Davis franchise in the Maritime Provinces. Additionally, she is one of only two females who have 100 percent ownership of Paul Davis franchises in Canada among 60 offices[...]

Paul Davis Boosts Local Community Charitable Efforts

Paul Davis contributes to communities in many different ways, not only helping neighbours recover from disasters large and small but also pitching in to support charity with people, time and funding. These are just a few of the many causes that we were privileged to assist as they pursue worthy[...]