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COVID Update: Commercial Property Safety and Recommended Procedures

The COVID-19 pandemic keeps us guessing, from lockdown reprises and masking policy changes to updated vaccination protocols and new virus variants. It’s difficult to fight an enemy that measures an infinitesimal 120 nanometers across (whereas a human hair measures a gargantuan 75,000 nanometers).[...]

Commercial Safety Starts With Sound Planning By Property Managers

When flash floods and high winds ripped through the Pacific Northwest in November, the raging storm shuttered businesses, inundated homes and downed electrical lines. Massive mudslides blocked highways, launched emergency airlifts for stranded residents and chased people from devastated homes. [...]

Think Safety When Storing Equipment Fuels and Propane This Fall

“With so many extreme weather events and related power outages, more people than ever are storing petrol and propane on their properties for generators, gas fireplaces and outdoor cooking equipment,” notes Leslie Anderson, Vice President of Training, Paul Davis Restoration Inc., who says there[...]

Should First Priority® Be Part of Your 2022 Business Plan?

With the COVID-19 resurgence, business plans for 2022 are in disarray and many company leaders face complex questions. Will customers frequent retail or dine out? Will they travel for business and leisure? Will employees return to traditional offices or is working from home the new normal? Can the[...]

Emergency Response For Commercial Property Damage – This is What Really Happens When You Call Paul Davis

When disaster hits commercial property, owners and managers feel much like anyone struck by a catastrophic, dangerous, sudden event they can’t control: shocked, worried, uncertain and fearful. They may have trouble grasping the enormity of the damage and making decisions. Communication and recall[...]