Commercial Fire Restoration

Let’s Stop the 45% of Commercial Property Fires That Are Arson

Local fire officials estimate that as many as half of all fires are intentionally set. Why do arsonists act? Possible motives are many: thrill-seeking, vandalism, concealing a crime, revenge, profit/insurance fraud/debt elimination and terrorism may prompt these criminals to act. Arson is more than[...]

Businesses Take Extra Care When Selecting Companies After A Flood or Fire

What’s the first thing to do after your business is damaged by a flood or fire? Protect yourself and your employees: evacuate safely and don’t reenter the ravaged premises. Only professionals are trained to handle disaster-damaged buildings without risking structural collapse, electrocution,[...]

Paul Davis Restoration Tackles 17-Story Condominium Fire Damage Restoration With Tight Deadline

In June of this year, a baseball cap ignited a fire that raced through a 55+ condominium filled with seniors. Placed on a light stand, the hat sparked flames that fed on hoarded possessions, causing extensive fire, smoke, soot and water damage to more than 80 units from the 11th floor to the[...]