Commercial Property Safety

Why Transparency Significantly Eases Commercial Business Owner Distress Following Fire or Flood Damage

Business owners are usually in control of employees, inventory, schedules, decisions, budgets. That vanishes the moment disaster strikes. “They suddenly feel powerless. That’s an intensely uncomfortable emotion for proactive, motivated people to handle,” says Scott Hill, Director of[...]

Commercial Fire Causes May Surprise You

Fire is a serious threat to commercial properties for sobering reasons. With stable heat, fuel and oxygen, fires can become difficult to control in 30 seconds and double in size in just one minute. Further, nearly half of businesses experiencing a major disaster such as a fire never reopen and[...]

How Commercial Property Managers Can Avoid Dangers From Contaminated Flood Waters

When a commercial property floods, owners are alarmed, upset, keen to act and full of urgent questions. How much water? What areas are affected? Will this harm my business? How can we remove it fast? Few pause to wonder what “colour” the floodwaters are. Colour? What does that matter? “What[...]

After a Tough Winter, Can Your Commercial Roof Still Protect Against Spring Rain?

Winter was harsh across Canada, bringing deep snow, howling winds, plunging thermometers, ice buildup, freezing rain and rapid temperature fluctuations. As a gentler season arrives, Paul Davis urges commercial property owners to see how flat roofing systems weathered this particularly fearsome[...]

Paul Davis Responds to Emergency At The Historic Minneapolis Grain Exchange

The Minneapolis Grain Exchange, which opened in 1881 in the city’s downtown, has moved tons of hard red wheat through its halls. The historic building functioned for many years as the ‘Wall Street” for grain, a bustling meeting place in which buyers and sellers traded, purchased and hawked[...]