fire damage

Paul Davis Restoration Tackles 17-Story Condominium Fire Damage Restoration With Tight Deadline

In June of this year, a baseball cap ignited a fire that raced through a 55+ condominium filled with seniors. Placed on a light stand, the hat sparked flames that fed on hoarded possessions, causing extensive fire, smoke, soot and water damage to more than 80 units from the 11th floor to the[...]

How Small Manufacturers Protect Against Fires

According to the fire experts, tens of thousands of fires break out at industrial and manufacturing properties yearly. Fire is a particular concern for smaller manufacturers, who are very vulnerable to serious operations disruptions or even business closure if a fire occurs. Due to smaller[...]

Courtney Scott – 20 Women of 2020

Featured as one of Paul Davis’ “20 Women of 2020”, Courtney Scott is the Lead ESD (Emergency Service Division) Technician at Paul Davis Restoration of Portland/Vancouver.  When did you start working for Paul Davis? I started working for Paul Davis on July 18th, 2019. What were you doing[...]

Paul Davis Brings Order Following Commercial Fires

As the fire department pulled hoses through the smoldering store, watering down hot areas and preparing to depart, the store owner looked on, devastated. She had arrived to see flames shooting from the roof, her carefully curated merchandise in ruins. Now, she felt traumatized, fearful and[...]

Businesses Should Always Have Quick Access to Proper Fire Extinguishers

After the fire marshal evaluated the charred remains of a popular women’s clothing store, he delivered news that compounded the owner’s distress. Even if employees had discovered the smoke earlier, tools for quenching the smoldering materials were likely useless: the fire extinguishers had[...]