Home Safety

Safety Tips For Showers

You might be surprised by the number of bathroom injuries that occur annually. Between wet, slippery floors and rugs that won’t stay put, thousands of nonfatal bathroom accidents occur every single year. A bathtub or shower can be especially dangerous, and most problems occur when we’re getting[...]

Just in Time for 2017 Holidays: 9 Cooking Safety Tips

Deep-fried turkey dangers. Before deep-frying a turkey, take time to view this safety tips video. http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2011/11/23/dangers-deep-fried-turkey.html Grease fires quickly get out of control. And often occur because someone leaves a frying pan on the stove unattended. Grease[...]

Fire Prevention Week

Occurring October 8—14, 2017 Fire Prevention Week encourages fire safety for your family. The theme, “Every Second Counts: Plan Two Ways Out” reminds everyone why escape plans are important. Many families don’t have one in place and the cost, should a fire happen, can be someone’s life.[...]

Recent Events Reinforce The Importance of Emergency Preparedness: Heavy Rain/Flooding, Wildfires, and Tornadoes

Last month was National Preparedness Month for our friends in the U.S. While we can hope that we won’t get caught up in weather-related disasters, it’s much better to be ready than caught off-guard. And with unprecedented weather happening across Canada this year, there’s no better time to[...]

Practising Fireplace Safety

As the days turn colder there’s one thing we can’t ignore: winter is on the way. While there will be much to miss about the warm days of summer, there’s a lot to love about the cold season. Specifically, getting to use our fireplaces. Most homeowners don’t realize that it’s important to[...]