Home Safety

Never Take Chances When You See Water Spots in Your Home

When water leaks in a home, its behaviour can be hard to predict. “Roof leaks, for example, are notoriously tricky to trace back to their source,” says Andrew Golkin, President, Paul Davis of Suburban Virginia. “The water could be entering at the northwest corner of the second floor while the[...]

The Science and Success of Removing Smoke Odours from Furnishings and Fabrics

When humans sniff, our noses send information directly to the brain’s amygdala and hippocampus: two areas involved in emotion, recall and processing thoughts. Smells, therefore, bring back vivid memories and feelings that other senses can’t. That’s wonderful if the delicious aroma of cookies[...]

The Importance of Measuring Wall Moisture After Water Damage Occurs

Accidental spills in the home can happen for absent-minded reasons like forgetting the tub is running while you take an important call. Or neglecting to empty the dehumidifier. Or maybe you left a towel in the utility sink that the washing machine empties into. You may ruefully mop the floor,[...]

Safety Tips to Escape a Home Fire

A structural fire is one of the most frightening events a family can experience, ripping away irreplaceable belongings, changing futures and traumatizing everyone involved. “We put lives back together after fires,” says Darren Impson, President, Paul Davis of Tampa, FL. “Most often, we are[...]

Sudden Water Damage Poses Multiple Headaches for Homeowners

The Smith’s holiday celebration was warm and delightful, featuring visiting family and friends, a delicious spread of festive foods and a lively touch football contest. Marring the occasion: the sound of splashing water coming from the basement that evening. Which Mr. Smith found was a blocked[...]