Paul Davis Difference

Field Technician Howie Savage Explains Why He is a Difference Maker™

Howie Savage, a native of Jamaica who grew up close to the beach and now lives in Melbourne, refinished antique furniture for 14 years. His life changed five years ago when a friend who worked with Paul Davis referred Savage to the company. He hasn’t looked back. Today, he’s a Difference[...]

Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

As the weather begins to warm, Paul Davis team members are proudly offering time, expertise, space, equipment and enthusiasm throughout our home communities. Here’s where we pitched in recently: Raising funds for defibrillators: Paul Davis of Idaho sponsored a banquet and auction that raised[...]

Emergency Response For Commercial Property Damage – This is What Really Happens When You Call Paul Davis

When disaster hits commercial property, owners and managers feel much like anyone struck by a catastrophic, dangerous, sudden event they can’t control: shocked, worried, uncertain and fearful. They may have trouble grasping the enormity of the damage and making decisions. Communication and recall[...]

COVID-19 Adds to Mitigation and Restoration Complexity Recovering from Catastrophic Damage

Contaminated floodwaters, mould, smoke, asbestos insulation, lead paint – Paul Davis encounters dangerous substances at nearly every disaster site, whether properties have endured storms, wind, earthquakes or fires. COVID-19 has certainly added complexity to the response, mitigation and[...]

After a Disaster Don’t Be Rushed into Hiring Mitigation Services

Chaos and panic frequently set in as the floodwaters recede, the smoke clears or the wind subsides. Every property owner has the same urge: fix it right,  and right now. It’s a purely human response after a shocking disaster has upended lives and obliterated familiar surroundings.  “Right[...]