Safety Tips

Chances Are Your Small Business Will Sustain One of 10 Costly Incidents

What are the chances your small business will be free of insurance claims in the next decade? Surprisingly, not much better than a coin toss. “Four of 10 small businesses will file a property or liability claim in the next 10 years,” says Leslie Anderson, Paul Davis Vice President of Training.[...]

8 Property Risks That Pose Hazard Problems For Property Managers

If you manage a commercial property, days are packed with complex tasks: managing staff, moving tenants, conducting inspections, interfacing with contractors, contacting regulatory officials and much more. Enter checklists: essential “cheat sheets” that streamline workload.  “Every[...]

Cleared Eaves and Downspouts Are Important

As fall deepens, Brady Chuckel is looking up: at the eaves poised to cause big headaches for homeowners. “Clearing clogged eaves and downspouts is an essential maintenance task,” says this president of Paul Davis of Southeast Wisconsin. “Neglected eave problems pile up quietly so it’s easy[...]

Create An Emergency Plan to Protect Your Family

As September arrives, we anticipate new seasonal events while thermometers moderate and leaves turn. Paul Davis urges everyone to prepare for unanticipated events, too: disasters.  “Preparing for disasters is protecting everyone you love,” advises Leslie Anderson, Vice President of[...]

When Lightning Strikes Your Home

The thunderous lightning crack temporarily deafened the Andersons. Plunged into darkness as the power failed, the shocked couple rushed upstairs to check on their children. Family members were frightened but unharmed. Their house, on the other hand? It needed an immediate hand from Paul Davis:[...]