Safety Tips

When Lightning Strikes Your Home

The thunderous lightning crack temporarily deafened the Andersons. Plunged into darkness as the power failed, the shocked couple rushed upstairs to check on their children. Family members were frightened but unharmed. Their house, on the other hand? It needed an immediate hand from Paul Davis:[...]

Enjoy Vacation Time

Prevent accidents and keep your family and clients safe As your family and clients are enjoying some vacation time this summer, Paul Davis has identified some hazards and safety tips for you to experience this happy time to the fullest. Water Safety • Avoid going in the water if you don’t know[...]

When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors. See a Flash? Dash Inside.

Lightning strikes may be rare, but they still happen, and the risk of injury or death is severe. You can beat the odds and protect yourself, your loved ones, and your clients during a thunderstorm by following these safety tips from Paul Davis. Safety precautions outdoors • Seek shelter in an[...]

Practice Heat Safety Wherever You Are

Heat is known as the “silent killer” because people often don’t realize they are suffering from heatstroke until it becomes a critical situation. If you work outdoors or spend time mowing or gardening, take frequent breaks and seek air conditioning or shade to give your body a break from the[...]

Beat the Heat with These Summer Safety Tips

Several North American cities have experienced and are experiencing heat waves this summer. Heat records are being broken already. Extreme weather events are more frequent, longer, and intense. Avoid heat-related illnesses and death by following these summer safety tips from Paul Davis. The elderly[...]