Smoke Damage

Paul Davis Restoration Tackles 17-Story Condominium Fire Damage Restoration With Tight Deadline

In June of this year, a baseball cap ignited a fire that raced through a 55+ condominium filled with seniors. Placed on a light stand, the hat sparked flames that fed on hoarded possessions, causing extensive fire, smoke, soot and water damage to more than 80 units from the 11th floor to the[...]

Courtney Scott – 20 Women of 2020

Featured as one of Paul Davis’ “20 Women of 2020”, Courtney Scott is the Lead ESD (Emergency Service Division) Technician at Paul Davis Restoration of Portland/Vancouver.  When did you start working for Paul Davis? I started working for Paul Davis on July 18th, 2019. What were you doing[...]

Needs Grow for Post-Fire Smoke and Ash Cleaning

For each property owner who suffered losses in the 2019 fire season, many of their neighbours were luckier: flames passed close by but did not scorch possessions. Finding their structures still standing, these owners breathed a sigh of relief, then quickly realized that all wasn’t well. Flames[...]

Properly Cleaning After Smoke Damage

Billowing black and toxic smoke from a building fire deposits soot on everything inside a commercial structure. It seeps into concrete floors, wafts into distant areas and infiltrates items like closed refrigerators. Once soot settles – in ugly black layers or thin coatings so invisible that only[...]

How Paul Davis Employs Hydroxyls to Neutralize Fire Odors in Commercial Buildings

After a gymnasium fire spread smoke throughout a high school, Paul Davis knew exactly how to eliminate lingering odours that posed a danger to students: hydroxyl generation. Technicians used special equipment to direct this odour-neutralizing substance into affected areas. In less than three weeks,[...]