Storm Damage

When Lightning Strikes Your Home

The thunderous lightning crack temporarily deafened the Andersons. Plunged into darkness as the power failed, the shocked couple rushed upstairs to check on their children. Family members were frightened but unharmed. Their house, on the other hand? It needed an immediate hand from Paul Davis:[...]

Falling Trees Shatter Vancouver Island Homeowners’ Holiday Plans But Not Their Spirits

Last November in Port Alberni, British Columbia, Len and Sherry Readshaw were anticipating a quiet holiday season at their property in the Mountain View Mobile Home Park. Two enormous trees had more violent plans. Before dawn one morning, Ms. Readshaw heard a brushing sound on the roof that reminded[...]

Miami Commercial Properties Call Paul Davis for Reliable Pre-Storm Defense

Miami Beach boasts iconic architecture, top restaurants and beautiful beaches. As a vulnerable barrier island next to Florida’s Atlantic Coast, however, this historic town increasingly grapples with rising sea levels, high tides and ever more frequent tropical cyclones. As the extremely busy 2020[...]

Freak Summer Storm Devastates Popular Coleman PowerSports Dealership

Tucked away in Falls Church, Virginia, is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts who long to roar across the terrain. Coleman PowerSports is the place to find muscular motorcycles, ATVs, off-roading vehicles and personal watercraft. While the business helps customers get away at top speed, the company[...]