Spring Storm Safety

Spring storms are often a welcome sign of warmer weather returning. However, their volatile nature and rapid temperature changes can cause incredible amounts of damage to homes and properties. In addition to high winds and potential flooding, hail is a common destructive force and the risk of[...]

Taking Time to Organise Your Life Treasures

There never seems to be enough time to gather a record of all our important household belongings. But if you’ve ever had the bad experience of losing some or all of your life treasures, you’ll never overlook that important task again. There are two ways to inventory your household belongings, a[...]

Take Dryer Safety Seriously

A surprisingly high number of fires in the home are caused by something as simple as lint. In North America, more than 3,000 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year, causing millions of dollars in property loss, significant injuries, and even death. This is tragic, as fires caused by clothes[...]

What To Do After Storm Damage

No one wants to think about severe weather interrupting their life. The thing about Mother Nature is that she has the ability to cause sweeping damage in the blink of an eye. If not properly prepared for, these damages can seem overwhelming. The good news is that many people before you have been[...]

Workplace Safety You Should Know

Workplace safety needs to be more than just the annual safety meeting where everyone runs through the organization’s procedures and nominates leads. Safety is a mindset, and it is the responsibility of every employee to develop the skills and awareness needed to contribute to a safer work[...]