It seems like everyone you know is battling a bad cold as the holidays approach. Did everyday contagions become bionic while we socially distanced during the pandemic? Nope, the viruses aren’t different. We are. 

During the pandemic isolation, we disrupted the normal waves of viral contagion that would ordinarily take place. We didn’t acquire the immunities we normally would. Children – superbly efficient germ spreaders – spent far less time outside their homes, skipping daycare and adopting distance learning. Ergo: we encountered fewer microbes and sneezed through fewer colds during that time. That leaves us more susceptible to those pesky infections now.

Businesses are strategizing how to reduce those risks to keep employees in the office and customers comfortable. “COVID made us acutely aware that hygiene and infection control are very important,” explains Kevin Lethers, President of Paul Davis of Polk County, Florida. “Owners and managers want to make customers and staff confident that they will be safe and healthy on the premises. We’re getting more calls than ever about cleaning and treating retail spaces, offices and businesses to help tame infection during cold and flu season.” 

Lethers and his team are discussing different cleaning approaches with customers. One solution, for smaller facilities and businesses, is self-cleaning. Paul Davis recommends a two-step process for this approach:

  1. Clean surfaces using soap and water, concentrating on frequently touched surfaces like tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, keyboards, faucets, sinks and restrooms.
  2. Treat with disinfectant, following label instructions carefully to ensure effective treatment. Most products require a “dwell time” – allowing the treatment to sit undisturbed for a specified amount of time. 

Paul Davis also offers tailored cleaning services to suit the unique needs and schedules of commercial properties. It’s a simple three-step process to set up. First, Paul Davis trained professionals perform a site visit. Second, they develop a thorough cleaning plan, specifying safe chemicals that are approved to treat monkeypox, COVID-19 and most other common viruses. Finally, a team of trained and certified biohazard technicians deploys the plan. To learn more, contact Paul Davis at 800- 661- 5975.