As we ring in a bright New Year together with our valued customers, we at Paul Davis look ahead with great anticipation and promising new technology. While working hard every day to preserve what has proven so successful in restoration for many thousands of customers, our company is united in the search for even better ways to perform our services. It’s essential in our line of work to perform ever more advanced mitigation and restoration while guiding those we serve with hope, energy and confidence.


No matter the hour, the day or the need, Paul Davis will be there for you. It is our privilege to care and expertly repair during some of the worst times in life. These human and professional qualities of our company will never change. As we plan for the future, setting new objectives, employing new technologies and building new capabilities into our company, our goal is to serve you better.


This is our future in 2019:

  1. We will continue our mission of reducing your losses as much as possible through prompt response and absolute best-in-class execution.
  2. We will aim to continually reduce the severity and number of claims.
  3. We will enhance our well-recognized expertise in restoring valuables of all kinds, whether it’s a fragile 1832 German bible, a favourite teddy bear or a historic corporate plaque.
  4. We will explore exciting new technology like drones to speed claims and restoration.
  5. And of course, we will continue to hone our technical skills and training with the goal of simply being the very best at what we do, the company that is always the first call after any disaster.


We look forward to showing you how these exciting directions will unfold in the coming months. For now, as we begin 2019, may you, yours and ours celebrate with joy while nostalgically singing Auld Lang Syne. Happy New Year to all!