Electrostatic Sprayers Speed Protection for Commercial Businesses from COVID-19

Viruses – the word comes from a Latin word for poison or slimy liquid – are infinitesimal scraps of genetic material wrapped in a delicate protein shell. Visible through an electron microscope only, a group of 500 million COVID-19 viruses could huddle on the head of a pin. That compact size makes it easy for them to stick on surfaces, hitch a ride on water vapor, lodge in infinitesimal cracks – and alas, infect people. 

Paul Davis, which has been spearheading anti-COVID cleaning efforts for clients across North America, knew that cutting-edge cleaning tools were critical to successfully fighting this deadly and easily spread contagion. Enter electrostatic sprayers.

“Agriculture used these devices first. When we learned about their benefits, we realized they offered a very effective way to apply disinfectant,” explains Scott Bailey, President of Paul Davis Charlotte, North Carolina. Used to repel some of agriculture’s worst pests, electrostatic sprayers offered impressive advantages: more uniform coverage, longer retention on surfaces and an unmatched ability to reach tiny spaces. Because they are so efficient, they often require less liquid to treat larger areas compared to traditional sprayers.

The way they work is relatively simple. As the disinfectant moves through the atomizer to be vaporized into droplets 900 times smaller than those released by ordinary sprayers, it is electrostatically charged at the same time. The positively charged vapor droplets instantly seek out negatively charged places to land. “Most of the world is negatively charged,” Bailey continues. “The spray wraps around surfaces and gets into crevices that no other technology or mechanical method can reach.”

The new devices augment a rigorous and comprehensive anti-COVID cleaning effort that Paul Davis has deployed for customers. The company’s new program called  TouchLessService™ further protects customers’ health and safety from first contact through project completion to reduce virus risk at all times. One of this program’s many initiatives is decreasing touchpoints between customers and Paul Davis team members. For instance, signature and electronic document technologies eliminate the need to share devices or writing implements.

As the COVID crisis deepens while the world waits for widespread vaccinations, Paul Davis continues to seek out cutting-edge cleaning technologies, techniques and products that help customers weather this difficult time. Though this particular virus is devastating, these vanishingly small bits of DNA have always been and will always be with us for good and ill. Indeed, they may be the reason we exist. Scientists suspect that a virus invaded a bacterial cell a billion years ago to form the very first cell nucleus. If that intriguing theory is correct, we all descended from viruses.
To learn more about COVID cleaning services and TouchLessService, call your local Paul Davis office or 844-215-7898 for more information.