When disaster strikes, confusion and concern often rule the day. First responders are typically still on the scene. Affected home and business owners are in a state of distress. Damages are being discovered. Tension fills the air. At Paul Davis we must walk the fine line of being helpful but never being an annoyance or hindrance at these times. There are some companies in the emergency cleanup and repair business who seek opportunity from this time of confusion. We don’t. With more than 370 operating companies throughout the U.S. and Canada, Paul Davis people are typically close by. With their many years of experience in protecting and securing property from mounting damage, our experts have the necessary skills and equipment nearby to provide needed help. But we instruct our people to never assume the role of ‘ambulance chaser.’ If and when the situation warrants it, we tell our people to explain how Paul Davis could help, yet never press the home or business owner to make a snap decision. Paul Davis services focus on cleanup and restoration where water, fire, mould and storm damage occur. We never forget that there are usually two customers associated with these properties: the property owner and their insurance carrier. Our first concern in a disaster or damage situation is not financial. It’s being a good neighbour. After all, our Paul Davis operations are owned and staffed by people who, for the most part, have been part of the fabric of the communities they serve for many years. More than 50 years ago, Paul Davis was one of the first organized networks of restoration professionals to work with the insurance industry to better serve the homeowner or property manager. We are told that our reputation is tops in this field, and we never want to jeopardize it. You can count on that to be a fact whenever and wherever Paul Davis appears.  Our company slogan, This Is No Time For Second Best™, is a principle worth living by. When disaster strikes, it applies more than ever.