When disaster hits commercial property, owners and managers feel much like anyone struck by a catastrophic, dangerous, sudden event they can’t control: shocked, worried, uncertain and fearful. They may have trouble grasping the enormity of the damage and making decisions. Communication and recall may be challenging. 

Paul Davis expects this reaction, understands it and knows exactly what to do. “It’s an essential service that’s integral to effective restoration and mitigation efforts: comforting shocked people as we lead them calmly and capably toward recovery,” says Andrew Golkin, President, Paul Davis of Suburban Virginia. “We are very familiar with reassuring people who have experienced a disaster and we’re very skilled at helping during what is one of the worst times in their lives.”

What’s also reassuring: knowing in advance exactly what happens if you ever do need to call Paul Davis for help. Getting in touch is as easy as a phone call to 1-844-215-7898, which is always answered by a real person, never a recording. A calm, prepared Paul Davis professional then asks a series of questions that are carefully designed to get critical information quickly: the scale of the disaster, the location, known effects, immediate needs, safety considerations, key mitigation staging information like access and parking, and customer contact details. 

Within minutes of your initial call, the Paul Davis team member communicates your location, disaster facts and contact information to the nearest Paul Davis emergency response team leader. Whether it’s 3pm or 3am, that emergency response team leader will be in touch with you in 30 minutes or less. To the surprise of many customers, that return call often comes in 10 minutes or less. The team leader explains what’s being done to respond, how quickly a skilled emergency response team will arrive on the scene and who on that team will meet you.  

A specially equipped truck then arrives with skilled emergency response team members and the right equipment to address the specific damages. They get to work right away to stop further damage and secure your property. Technicians secure any structural problems and protect your belongings– electronics, clothing, furnishings and valuables. This team works as long as necessary to handle the situation and meet your every need. “We expect that customers need patience and guidance in the aftermath – maybe even with simple tasks like calling the corporate office to alert them to the damages or notifying employees or residents,” Golkin says. “Those are all services we are ready to provide.”

After immediate needs are addressed, Paul Davis team members discuss what’s next, like providing expert assistance and claims information to insurers, for example. As mitigation and restoration continue, property owners always know exactly who to call if they need help at any time.

Here’s what else to expect from Paul Davis: no matter the scale of the disaster and number of affected properties, Paul Davis has the people, equipment, logistical organization and capabilities to help all customers who need assistance.

If your commercial property experiences a disaster, call Paul because This Is No Time For Second Best®.