Expertise Plus Compassion Boost Paul Davis Customer Satisfaction

Fires are arguably the most frightening disaster that can strike a home or business, leaving victims traumatized, fearful and uncertain. Because fires are so devastating, Paul Davis helps customers navigate the aftermath by simultaneously deploying expertise and compassionate guidance. Many Paul Davis experts arriving on the scene immediately after a blaze have been first responders or firefighters before they joined the company. These highly trained team members excel at coordinating among adjusters, insurance carriers and mitigation workers as they reassure and gently guide shocked property owners. 

Last year was a busy one across the provinces: Paul Davis teams deployed in response to hundreds of fire incidents in Canada. Several Paul Davis team members recently spoke about how they help customers after the flames have been quenched.

“Taking one of the worst days of a person’s life and giving hope and peace of mind that everything will be okay is truly rewarding,” says Scott Brooks, who came to Paul Davis after 20 years as a firefighter. “Because we were first responders, we feel the need to help in any way we can. Having the knowledge to do so makes us the best choice for this type of job.”

“We not only understand how to protect a person’s property but also how to properly assist the people,” says Brad Grimes, who has spent the past four years responding to customers in the immediate aftermath of a fire. “Most people have navigated vehicle insurance claims but it is an entirely different process with a fire loss. We provide a clear path so that they feel knowledgeable and comfortable with the restoration process of their property.”

 “Many of us are former public safety servants from the fire service, police service and emergency medical service so we bring dedication and a selflessness to people who need it more than ever,” says Dennis Ham, who has specialized in immediate response after fires for eight years. “They are highly skilled and trained for almost any emergency and bring a sense of order and confidence back to a customer. It is so important that customers can count on someone who is compassionate and has their best interest at heart.” 

“We do things the Paul Davis way: putting people first,” says Ruben Rodriguez, who combines his immediate response role with business development activities. “Having someone on scene who has experienced many fires can help a business or family navigate through the many steps needed to move forward and confidently return their lives to normal.”

Few events in life shake the stability of people and institutions like a disastrous fire at a home or business. Shock, numbness, fear, difficulty focusing and inability to make small decisions or remember information – these are all very common reactions that Paul Davis team members see often and are trained to help overcome. When fire victims call Paul Davis, compassionate care paired with exceptional recovery logistical skills helps the healing begin.