Getting into our vehicles usually bestows welcome feelings of security. But what happens as COVID-19 circles the globe, potentially turning vehicles into dangerous vectors for disease? Police crews in Ontario, Canada, knew exactly how to dispel this concern and reduce risk: call Paul Davis.   

“Staff had particular anxiety about their vehicles because they share them among colleagues. They also were concerned about possible exposure if trauma happens in the car,” says Stephane deCaen, owner of Paul Davis Simcoe County in Ontario, Canada. “Our teams have extensive experience cleaning and protecting against pathogens – we have very efficient and proven procedures to handle sewer backups, mould infestations and floodwaters, for example – so we got to work immediately.”

Paul Davis crews approach all vehicle cleaning projects that may involve possible pathogens in the same way they tackle similar structure cleaning projects:

  • Don protective gear and disinfect external high-touch areas such as door handles prior to access.
  • Access the vehicle, assess and prioritize cleaning needs, then create a plan of action. Typically, areas with the highest levels of contamination, such as the floor mats, are removed and cleaned first with cleaning solutions and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums.
  • Before entering the vehicle, distribute a safe hydrogen peroxide solution across interior surfaces including seats. This solution “dwells” (stays in contact with) for a specific amount of time to achieve disinfection and treatment without damaging materials. 
  • Wipe the solution away, enter the vehicle and manually clean high-touch areas, electronics and controls. 
  • Cover sensitive equipment such as electronics and controls. 
  • Exit the vehicle and fog the interior with non-toxic disinfectant to treat areas that can’t be seen or effectively wiped.
  • Clearly mark the time of cleaning on the windshield and ensure no personnel enter the vehicle for at least 10 minutes.

Additional services Paul Davis brings to these emergency responders? Leadership, confidence and certainty. COVID-19, deCaen emphasizes, isn’t something his crews are afraid of. They are thoroughly trained and completely equipped to handle pathogens and biohazards with approved products and high-tech equipment. In fact, they do so almost daily on many jobs.

“But we absolutely understand that most people are wary of it and we are there to address the fear, too,” deCaen explains, who adds that Paul Davis anticipates servicing many more vehicles in the near future, such as ambulances, rental cars, taxis and busses. “We aren’t just in the business of cleaning but also of understanding people and meeting all their needs. Right now, it’s vital to deliver cleanliness and reassurance simultaneously. We’re making our customers feel completely comfortable in those vehicles and therefore better able to do their jobs.”

In need of vehicle cleaning – whether preemptive or for incident response – to protect against pathogens? Paul Davis is a phone call away.  844.215.7898