Today, most of us are resigned to an annoying fact-of-life. When we call any company, we’re going to first get a recording, be prompted to submit a bunch of answers, hear a canned message such as ‘this call may be recorded for training purposes,’ before we finally get the opportunity to speak with a real, live person. Not at Paul Davis. Call during business hours and you’ll get a person who promptly answers the phone and who is friendly, professional, helpful and experienced. A person who can quickly assess your needs and get you help in solving your problem. Even after business hours, Paul Davis offices throughout the U.S. and Canada have an on-call person who is immediately reached after someone in need leaves a brief message with only their name, address and phone number. Our on-call staff does not live overseas. They work at your nearby, local Paul Davis office and they likely are familiar with the area where you live or work. Now that’s personalized service.

That’s also one of the many welcome elements in the Paul Davis formula for outstanding customer care. A formula that consistently puts Paul Davis at the top of the class when people are asked to rate the restoration and reconstruction companies they’ve used. The vision at Paul Davis is to provide extraordinary care while serving people in their time of need, and Paul Davis representatives live this vision each and every day.

It’s one of many reasons why Paul Davis is consistently recommended by insurers, property management companies, realty companies and first responders to homeowners and business owners who ask who the best company is for restoration and reconstruction when fire, water or other emergency help is needed.

Paul Davis puts customers first. Questions don’t go unanswered. Attentive project managers work closely with customers. Office staff handle the intricacies of insurance claims. Skilled emergency crews dedicate themselves to doing the job right. Reconstruction experts rebuild homes and businesses to a level of quality better than before. At Paul Davis, we know that personalized service goes a long way in helping our customers through a difficult period in their life. When they call us they know, This is No Time for Second Best.

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