Phil Andre was a trucker before he joined Paul Davis five years ago. “To change from driving trucks to being a lead technician with Paul Davis, that’s a big switch, two different worlds,” Andre says. “But Paul Davis made it easy to join their team. They provided training, solid support, a fantastic camaraderie with colleagues, top equipment, appreciation for what I bring to the table – everything you need from a good boss. After a few years with the company, I wanted to see how much more I could do.”

So last year, Phil Andre traveled from his home base in Cleveland, Ohio, to a beleaguered part of the country: Texas after a historic deep freeze. In February of 2021, a brutal cold snap overtaxed the Texas power grid. Its rapid failure plunged four million state residents into freezing darkness for weeks. Homeowners struggled to stay warm while providing for their families and protecting their properties. 

One significant source of loss during the glacial marathon: water pipes that froze, burst and inundated homes. In traditionally cold regions, builders and designers take precautions to prevent pipes from bursting when temperatures drop, such as routing pipes away from outer walls or insulating them. Because protective measures aren’t usually necessary in this southern state, their water piping systems were particularly vulnerable when challenged by sub-zero temperatures coupled with indoor heating failure.

Andre and a cadre of determined Paul Davis team members pitched in to mitigate and restore the appalling toll in the Longhorn state, rebuilding houses and treating mould growing rampant from water damage. “I particularly hit it off with Mrs. Weatherly, a Texas customer who hails from my hometown, so we really understood each other,” Andre remembers. “We tore out her bathroom, laundry room, office and garage down to the studs and rebuilt it all. We calmed her down, made her feel hopeful and I feel like I made a friend for life.”

Andre says his work experience in Texas proved to himself and his company that he could be a Difference Maker. He made life-changing differences for people needing steady and capable leadership. He gladly pitched in, working long hours and forging lasting human connections while delivering hope and certainty during a very frightening time. Andre acted on a compelling drive to comfort, to support, to create new ways to heal homeowners experiencing the worst times in their lives. 

“I like leading a crew of people who help others look forward with hope,” Andre says. “I love showing new colleagues how we do what we do, how our actions now mean that customers soon won’t be able to tell their property experienced a disaster. When I see technicians that I have trained truly enjoy assisting people, that’s meaningful to me.” 
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