Do AC issues have your customers getting hot under the collar this summer? While AC problems can certainly be frustrating, your customers can take action to maintain their AC systems. Share these AC care tips to help them beat the heat before the heat beats them.

  • Check AC drainpipes: Leaky or damaged AC drainpipes cause floor damage, lead to mould, and contribute to many more problems. If your customer can’t remember the last time their AC drainpipes were cleaned, it is time to clear them out or hire a professional to do it.
  • Check the airflow: If your clients worry that their air conditioning unit isn’t working properly, encourage them to check their vents. Are the vents, normally located on floors, walls, and ceilings, properly opened or closed? Are they blocked by furniture or carpeting? If so, encourage your customers to make the proper adjustments before they call the professionals to come help.
  • Clean out the air ducts: It’s possible that your clients need their air ducts cleaned. In this case, they should hire a licensed professional to come and properly clean the air ducts in the home. By getting rid of dust, debris, and pollutants that have built up in the ducts, air flow may be increased.
  • Replace filters: When a central air unit sits idle, such as during the winter months, dust and dirt can build up and cause the unit to not work as effectively. In the summer, however, dust, dirt, bugs, and debris can be just as much of a problem. Depending upon the type of air filter you have, it should be cleaned or replaced every 1-3 months. When a filter is not changed regularly, clients actually reduce the amount of airflow through the ducts. This can lead to frustration, because it seems like the air conditioning unit itself isn’t working properly. Replacing the air filters helps to keep air in a home clean, fresh, and comfortable.