Hot Tips for a Cool Home

With the month of August comes some of the hottest temperatures of the year. What is more, your clients are distracted all month long trying to fit in last-minute family vacations before school begins, cooling off at the community pool, and shuffling kids around. That is why it is so easy for your clients to forget about preparing and caring for their homes during hotter temperatures. Be “cool” and share these simple home heat mitigation tips with your clients as they scramble to enjoy the last days of summer.

  • Check the insulation: Insulation is a building material that is used to help stabilize internal temperatures of a structure such as a home or office. Up-to-date insulation will keep cool air in and hot air out, even in the hottest months of the year. Additionally, checking it will give your homeowners an opportunity to look for any damage to their existing insulation, such as water damage, which could have an effect on the overall quality of the material.
  • Clean the air conditioner: In most cases, homeowners will call a professional to check over their air conditioner toward the beginning of the summer season. However, it’s important to maintain a clean air conditioner year round to prevent it from going out or causing bigger problems like a fire. Encourage homeowners to turn off their unit and then change out filters, discard leaves and sticks, and hose off any debris that has accumulated.
  • Keep electricity off or unplugged when not in use: lights, radios, and even television sets often produce heat that can build up in a room. Encourage homeowners to keep these items turned off or unplugged unless they’re being used. Doing so can help not only with the electricity bill, but also with lowering the temperature of a room in their home.
  • Encourage the use of fans: While it’s nice for a homeowner to have an air conditioner, it isn’t always absolutely necessary. There are still a few ways your customers can beat the heat. Encourage them to open their doors and windows on moderate days. Additionally, they should invest in a floor fan to help circulate the air in their home. If a homeowner has an air conditioning unit they can still invest in a fan, as it may help cut down on their energy costs this August.

As always, the service-oriented experts at Paul Davis are standing by. If your customers need our help this summer with cleanup, restoration, reconstruction, or even remodelling services, just give us a call. We’re full-service and available 24/7.