Flood can strike anywhere, often when you least expect it. Rising sea levels, natural disasters, and heavier, more frequent downpours are making flooding a more common occurrence in today’s modern world. The best way to minimize your risk of flood damage is to evaluate your property and then have it flood-proofed appropriately. Here are some of the ways you can avoid flooding in your home or office:

Evaluate Your Risk

Before you begin flood-proofing your home or office, you need to evaluate the property to determine its flood risk. Steps you can take to evaluate your flood risk include:

Research the flood level of your area—an official measure of how high flood waters have been on average in your location.
If you’re buying a new property, finding out from the previous owners or real estate agent if the property has ever experienced flooding before.
Determine which flood-guard measures have already been taken, such as stilt elevation.

Protect Electrical and HVAC Systems

One of the most dangerous aspects of flooding is electrical damage. Not only is electrical damage a personal safety risk, it can also lead to electrical fires which can devastate your home or office. Have all wiring, switches, sockets and circuit breakers raised higher than your flood level to prevent an electrical accident during flooding. Furnaces, water heaters and other HVAC equipment that is in your basement should be placed on elevated platforms, if flood level is low, and moved to a higher floor if you live in an area with a higher flood risk.

What to Do in Case of Flooding?

In case of emergency, the most important thing to do is get yourself to a safe destination before damage causes any personal harm. Once you’re out of harm’s way, call Paul Davis immediately to have your damage assessed and repair as fast as possible. At Paul Davis, we are committed to providing are clients with fast, efficient and thorough restoration services. We even provide in-place drying services to restore any of your belongings damaged by flooding. If you’ve experienced the devastation of flooding in your home or office, contact Paul Davis for high quality restoration services and get your life back to normal.