How to Prepare Your Property for Summer Storms

You know it’s going to happen. Every summer – whether stifling hot or cooler than usual – there’s at least one summer storm with the potential to cause a heap of water damage to your property if you’re not prepared. The good news is that the preparation required is neither difficult nor time-consuming, but it does need to be done now, before the inevitable deluge occurs. Here are five safeguards that will help prevent water from backing up and contributing to water damage around and in your home.

Clean gutters and downspouts.  Blockages in gutters, downspouts and underground drain pipes will quickly back up and cause water to cascade down the side of your home or pond on your roof. Both situations can lead to rainwater penetrating inside your home.

Clear street storm drains of debris.  No, it’s not your job, but it’s a good idea to remove debris blocking stormwater drains in the street adjacent to your house. You’ll better protect your property from overflowing streets and flooded lawns that can cause seepage back into your basement and other low-lying areas.

Clean ground-level window wells.  Most window wells have a drain for accumulated water. Leaves and debris blocking this drain can cause water to accumulate and press against basement windows until it seeps inside and floods basement areas. The same applies to below-ground doorways.

Make sure your sump pump is working.   Pour water into your sump pump to make sure it operates correctly. Pumped water should always drain away from the house so that it does not flow back into the basement. Emergency battery backup is good protection should the electricity fail.

Allow natural drainage through your property.  Nearby creeks, streams and overflow drainage areas naturally flow downgrade. Make sure your property is clear of any blockages that will cause excessive pooling and ponding that might flood your home.

If your home suffers storm or water damage, alert your insurer and your local Paul Davis company to help remediate damage and safeguard your property, home and possessions. This is no time for second best™.