We are pleased to announce that Paul Davis of the Iowa Corridor is open for business. Owner Matt Banning has assembled A-players to deliver best in class recovery, restoration, and reconstruction results to those in Eastern Iowa. Given his background and shared Paul Davis values, Matt is poised for a successful franchise.

Matt Banning, President & CEO

For more than 24 years, Matt has been committed to business excellence. The long-time Iowa resident started his career in accounting after graduating from the University of Northern Iowa. This landed him in Iowa City working for River Products Co. After earning his MBA from St. Ambrose University, he was promoted to Chief Financial Officer. While serving as CFO, Matt launched several small businesses. Paul Davis is his latest venture.

“Giving back to my community has always been important to me. But opening a Paul Davis franchise takes this to another level. Being able to directly help others when disaster strikes is incredibly rewarding. And I’ve put together a fierce team who are ready to deliver.”

Matt BanningMatt Banning, Owner, Paul Davis of the Iowa Corridor

Matt and his wife Tammy have three children – Katelyn, 21, and twins Alex and Zach, 18. When he’s not working, Matt coaches Women’s 18+, Club, Fast-Pitch Softball.

Let’s give a warm welcome to Matt and his team in the Iowa Corridor!

Network Collaboration on Derecho Aftermath

Paul Davis of the Iowa Corridor opened in the middle of a devastating event in their territory: a derecho that qualifies among the strongest in Iowa and the United States with winds as high as 146 mph. “When the storm hit it was all hands on deck. I reached out to other locations to assist us in helping property owners affected by wind and water damage. Together, we took care of businesses and families,” said Matt. Paul Davis offices from Houston, Madison, Minneapolis, Chicago, Indy, Waukesha, Nebraska, and many others, responded to the call. Since its inception, Paul Davis of the Iowa Corridor have been helping the Corridor recover and rebuild.

A derecho is a type of straight-line wind storm that can spawn hurricane and tornado outbreaks. The August 2020 Midwest derecho was a severe weather event that took place from August 10-11. Certain areas also reported torrential rain and large hail.