Paul Davis, a leading disaster restoration company that spans North America, is staffed by dedicated professionals who make life-changing differences for people they help. These differences aren’t confined to work hours or limited by contracts. They aren’t codified in a manual or completed according to rote instructions. Instead, they spring from compassionate employees who have a self-motivated drive to help, to support, to create new ways to heal people experiencing the worst times in their lives. 

Paul Davis is seeking to build its growing cadre of ‘Difference Makers’ by adding new team members who feel compelled to serve others. Are you ready to be a Difference Maker, to take memorable action, like this Paul Davis team member did recently for this devastated man?

“One of our clients, a retired firefighter, a man who dedicated his life to helping and serving others, lost his own home to a fire. We searched through the rubble and managed to salvage one precious thing: his original firefighter’s uniform. Being able to do that, it’s a moment I’ll never forget.”

Can you be a Difference Maker, someone who arrives at a disaster and builds hope, knowing that they can and will make things better? Will you be the Paul Davis team member who sees obstacles and designs effective solutions to resolve customers’ biggest concerns?

“A deep freeze caused the power grid to completely collapse and one of our clients had severe damage in an area that wasn’t accessible yet needed immediate mitigation. We used special cameras and drones to pinpoint the damage and then took care of it, all from a safe distance that protected our client’s investments while keeping technicians safe.”

We are seeking people who know that disaster victims need a calm leader to reassure, to do the right thing, to model the “can-do” mindset, to empathize, to show the way back to normalcy, like this Difference Maker did recently: 

“We were called in to help at an elementary school fire, which thankfully took place after hours when no one was inside. The building, however, was scorched and it wasn’t a simple clean-up job. We brought in a hygienist to do thorough testing and address any health and environmental concerns. When the health of our children is on the line, there are no shortcuts.”

At Paul Davis, we provide opportunities for great people to deliver best in class results. Are you a talented individual looking for a work home where you will collaborate with like-minded, knowledgeable professionals dedicated to service? We invite you to be a Difference Maker and grow with our company. Contact us today online or at 800-661-5975 to learn more about how a career with Paul Davis can fulfill your professional and personal goals while making the world a better place.