This year, 80 percent of all internet traffic worldwide will be in video form. Why is video so popular? Because sight delivers an astounding 83 percent of the input we perceive about experiences. When we see we understand better. No wonder Paul Davis is rapidly adopting innovative visual technology to advance disaster mitigation and restoration.

The latest addition to the growing Paul Davis suite of cutting-edge technology is a platform called Matterport. Working seamlessly with smartphones, this software creates a high-definition, extremely accurate, three-dimensional digital rendering of any space with a touch of a button. Users can immediately “tour” the rendering virtually, zoom into it, reconfigure it, customize it, publish it and share it.

“It’s a game-changer for our industry,” says Shawn Clark, Chief Information Officer for Paul Davis. “Instead of stepping into a dangerous fire- or flood-ravaged space to measure and photograph over hours or days, we point a phone from a safe spot and digitize the scene in moments. Matterport speeds project start and the restoration process while it improves accuracy and streamlines communication among partners.”

Linking easily with existing Paul Davis software as well as in-office and in-the-field devices, Matterport enables amazing results:

  • Synthesizes data points and imagery to create a precise 3D digital rendering of the space. The rendering is a virtual 3D “twin” of a mapped area, clearly displaying all measurements and features. Users can view any part of the rendering from multiple angles, perform a virtual walk-through and access specialized functions. 
  • Documents disaster scenes in extreme detail with abundant data points. This feature reduces time spent in the field for insurance adjusters, brokers and agents, speeds restoration work and rectifies discrepancies as claims process. The system also generates high definition photos and schematic floor plans on demand.
  • Shares the renderings – via a simple online link – with insurance carriers, adjusters, construction partners, Paul Davis team members and more. Clark expects these features to increase consistency among teams as well as help train and educate team members and partners.
  • Customizes its interface to adapt to different situations. For example, team members measure and discuss one view while property owners view progress in another. The system also can display different restoration options, which increases customer satisfaction and facilitates agreement.

“The platform gives our industry comprehensive and thoughtful capabilities. For instance, it automatically blurs faces to safeguard privacy, which is important to disaster victims,” Clark concludes. “Matterport is one of the truly transformative digital tools that are getting people back into their properties sooner after disaster strikes.” Learn more by watching this video demonstration.